Hello I Am Enterprenuer

Tavonga Zindonda

Few years ago i turned my Fathers House into an industry. All that knowledge i have chosen to share with you how i did it.

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Born an Entrepreuner

I believe that Africa doesn’t to look East or Look South it needs to look within itself and be able to accept and capitalize what they have. After my graduation i asked myself do i have to wait for someone to employee me and give them my Idea so that they can be rich. That made me to really try and analyzed the system as a whole and noticed something. People that have made it have 3 things in common. They utilize these 3 things (OPM, OPT, OPB)

*OPM – Other Peoples Money.

*OPT – Other Peoples Time.

*OPB – Other Peoples Brains

Some Of The Major Key Topics

The topics are carefully crafted to make you have your own House turned into any industry.


We going to introduce an new concept to you

Day Optimisation

The way you spend your day determines your income

Correct Habits

Learn some habits that those doing better than you do and modify them.

Resource Management

Never waste on the limited resources that you have.


Never underestimate building relationships before business will teach you how.

What People Are Saying

Here are some comments that the few that have read the book in advance have to say.

"I was glad to be one of the first people to be give the book and have a feel of it true its an AFRICAN ENTREPRENEUR BIBLE."
Tinashe Mutarisi
Nash Paints C.E.O
"I couldn't believe that they is such talent in Zimbabwe Surely this book needs to be sold in all shopping malls in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole"
Ashy Njazi
The book has a Soul in it i believe he pour everything one needs to grow their small business... i loved the YOUPRENUERSHIP part
Tawanda Mauye
I.T Systems Director

Turn You House Into An Industry


The book is tailor made to impact those in AFRICA and those that want to get into AFRICA to do business. This AFRICAN ENTREPRENEUR BIBLE has the soul of African ENTREPRENEURSHIP in it.


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